Remember Your World

Business and World Travelers!    Flight Attendants!    Fun Seekers!    Contractors!

Wedding Planners!    Students!     Folks who wine and dine!    Everyone!  

Globejotter is for you!

Rate your favorite restaurants, meals and hotels worldwide and remember what you liked/disliked about them. Document phases of a real estate development project with detailed notes and pictures. Remember business meeting topics, discussions, important people you met and where different events were held. Visit a museum for a class project and remember paintings, artists and important facts. Stray from your hotel in a foreign city and get back there in a pinch with integrated Waze, Google/Apple Maps or direct connect Ride Sharing services. Or just plain capture a crazy night out with friends and family. Globejotter is your personal assistant, scrap book, and life journal!

GlobeJotter shows you the locations you visited nearest to your current location.  Find new places near you or create your own places based upon location coordinates or address.  


  • Save your notes and photos with hashtags and easily search them!
  • Save the names of people you were with or staff at your favorite location so you call recall them the next time you are there!
  • View all your places in list or map format
  • Want to know where you had that glass of wine before and if you liked it? View and search all your notes across all places.
  • Use expanded photo viewer to quickly search all photos related to a specific event/location.
  • Set a reminder when you want to try a place out next time you are there.
  • Export a PDF file of your notes
  • Export a GlobeJotter file to shared drive or email that a friend can import to their GlobeJotter
  • Remember your top rated places when you travel from city to city

High level reviews of places are often fraught with conflicting information and hyperbole.  What should you do knowing 3 people had a great time and 2 an abysmal one?  What does that mean to you?  Should you visit there?

Most places are not all good or all bad but have good and bad elements.  GlobeJotter lets you rate these individually (or not at all) and gives you an overall rating based upon YOUR experiences.

All memories are saved locally on your phone for you.  You can share these with your friends if you choose to but your data is yours.  Perfect for business travelers.

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